Fashion Quote

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas,the way we live, what is happening."
Coco Chanel

Pali Lookout & Hike

Hi dolls i hope you enjoy another set of our adventures, We took family to Pali Lookout a very popular destination to go to on the Island... it's known to have great winds that come up from the mountain and is said to be a spot where Hawaiian Warriors were thrown over it also has lots of chickens running around and with all that history thats not where we hiked no my guy took us where the locals go off the trail into the hills for about a 500ft hike, to the top and there you have a beautiful view of the city called Kanehoe  it was challenging getting up with bamboo trees rocks and roots to hold on too plus my fear of heights but i did it like always conquered my fears it felt good so i had Namasta Moment with the picture above Then poo poo's at Mati Bar with Drinks, P.S you can do it with good support and determination and it was a breeze going down LOL!   well see you later Smooches!

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